History of SkaterSocks

In May of 2003
Ivan Smith launched Skater Socks with the vision of bringing back the Old School American Made Striped Tube Socks to the scene and making them made exactly like they were in the late 60's.
Within this vision was having it a family run business.
Thus his dreams became a reality.

Skater Socks strives to keep up with the demands of the changing markets and more than anything provide you with superior products in a time where quality and customer service is rarely seen.

Skater Socks is your ORIGINAL source for the sickest most exclusive line of Striped Tube Socks on the Planet!

Rocking my tubes 25 years ago!

History of Striped Tube Socks in American society

Striped Tube socks became popular in America during the late 1960’s where they were made originally. At that time, a lot of new sports were hitting the scene. The super stars were rocking them. Thus this became the explosion of colors and stripes. Everyone that looked up to the super stars wanted to be like them. American pride colors were some of the most popular ones based on the American flag colors. People from all over America were rocking these socks whether it was the kids, adults, boys or girls for they were unisex. People were wearing them in all sports, skateboarding around town, roller skating and in some cases it was a part of their daily outfits.

One of the concepts that people really liked about the striped tube socks was the ability to have great stretch which allowed them to be pulled up to the knee. This gave them the option to wear them knee high when it was cold or leave them down when it was hot. Whatever way they rocked them, you could still see the stripes!

They began to lose their popularity and disappear in American society between the years of 1980-2000. What few places that sold them at this time were starting to import them from China. It was at that moment where the good American quality left the scene. They would fall apart after a couple of washes and would not hold up to the knee. The elastic and materials they were using was just plain junk. The new style was sloppy. Striped tube socks lost soul.

Ivan of SkaterSocks had rocked tube socks all of his life. Wearing the new junk on the market just didn't feel right to him. The socks were always falling down for the elastic and the materials used in the tube socks were of the lowest quality possible. He had a vision at that moment in early 2003. Not only had he envisioned bringing these Striped Tube Socks back to the mainstream but to make them exactly how they were made back in the day, MADE IN THE USA. Not only has SkaterSocks done this since 2003, they created the most industrial durable Striped Tube Sock the market has ever seen period.

While skatersocks has been a great success story bringing back history for Americans and the whole world based on quality and originality, since then China and the other exporters have flooded the market with junk once again. Don't be fooled by the slop.

SkaterSocks is your ONLY source for original Striped Tube Socks.

Made in the USA, exactly in the same place of the 60’s, deep in the heartland of America based on quality and ethics. Roll Tide baby!!!!!