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Your Original Source for the Sickest Line of
Old School Striped Tube Socks since 2003.
Striped tube socks became popular in America around the late 1960's. At this time, there was an explosion of new sports hitting the scene which most all superstars were rocking them. They became popular and Americans starting wearing them like the stars. Most everyone around America had them on. It was part of our childhood. Skating around town with our tubes on.
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In the mid 80's they became less popular. People were wearing shorter socks with longer shorts. They disappeared into the 90's. Now here we are in 2013.
Skater Socks is all about these sick old school striped tube socks and have been selling them since 2003!
We manufacture all of our tubes right here in the heartland of America just like the 60's.
Our socks are made of HIGH QUALITY and will last years to come.
They do not fall apart after a few washes!
Skater Socks is a family run American business...
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Guaranteed Fresh and One of a Kind!
Cotton/Natural Fiber=The only way to go.